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Helping every cat every day

Volunteering: how you can get involved

If you are an animal lover and live near one of our three sites, volunteering is an incredibly rewarding way to get involved. We have over 500 volunteers and we could not do without their generous help and support. Join them and you too could improve the lives of pets.

Volunteer at Wood Green

Volunteering is a unique opportunity to make a direct impact on the lives of pets in need. Whether you spend time with the animals, help pet owners or work in a charity shop, you can be sure your valuable time is being well spent.


Volunteering: frequently asked questions

  • How can I help?

    There are several ways you can help Wood Green - all of them are vital to helping animals in need.
    • Animal welfare - we need help with cleaning, feeding and grooming the animals, socialising them and improving their environment
    • Community engagement - you could promote responsible pet ownership as a tour guide, mascot, or by supporting events
    • Corporate services - from maintenance, plumbing, carpentry and gardening to stores, security and environmental roles
    • Fundraising – support community events or take part in an extreme challenge to raise money. Or deliver campaign packs and sell raffle tickets.

  • Who can volunteer at Wood Green?

    We value diversity within our volunteer team and welcome applications from every section of the community. You should be 16 years or older.

  • Can I volunteer and still claim benefits?

    You can still volunteer when claiming benefits but should inform your Job Centre of any volunteer work you are doing. As long as you continue to meet the conditions of receiving the benefit there should be no restrictions of the amount or type of volunteering you carry out.

  • I’m a non UK citizen, can I volunteer?

    All EU citizens can volunteer with Wood Green. If you’re from outside the EU and have a work or study visa, you can volunteer for the activity detailed on your visa. Unfortunately, if you have a visitor visa you can’t volunteer.

    It is possible to get a visa specifically to allow volunteering in the UK however restrictions do apply. Please contact the British Embassy for more information.

    If you have refugee status or exceptional leave to remain, you and your family members are allowed to do any type of work including volunteering in the UK.

    Asylum seekers are permitted to volunteer for charities and voluntary organisations, including while appeals against asylum refusal are being considered. You will generally receive a document stating that you cannot take up employment but this does not apply to volunteering. Please see the Home Office website for more details.

  • How do I apply?
    • Take a look at our available vacancies
    • If you see a role you’re interested in, click Sign Up on the right hand side
    • Register your details on the site and complete an online application form
    • Fill in all required fields in the online application form. Paper application forms are available if you can’t access the online form – contact 0300 303 9333 ext.1214.
  • How much time will I need to give?

    We’re looking for reliable and committed volunteers who are able to agree to the times asked for on the role descriptions. Due to the investment in training and support of our volunteers we ask you to commit for a minimum of 6 months - we’re aware this may not be possible in all circumstances.

    Unfortunately we’re unable to offer short term volunteer roles working directly with the animals due to the induction and training required. 

  • Do I need specific skills to volunteer?

    Some roles need specific skills and experience - this will be outlined in the role description. You’ll receive training and support so you’re able to perform your role confidently, effectively and safely.


“I enjoy the team environment and I love the cats. It is very satisfying when a nervous or frightened cat responds to you and later you learn they have found a home.”

Ann, Volunteer Cat Section