A second chance at life

Pumpkin was brought to us at just five weeks old, after being rescued from a shredding machine on a compost site. Upon arriving, he was checked over by our Veterinary Team, before being placed in the care of Wood Green fosterer, Kate.

We then discovered that beneath his seemingly superficial wounds, Pumpkin had a nasty infection. His front left paw had suddenly swelled up like a boxing glove. Despite courses of antibiotics and Kate’s round-the-clock care, there were no improvements.

So, sadly, we had no choice but to amputate his leg. But this plucky little fellow came through it well. He quickly put on weight and was soon playing around, just like any other healthy, happy kitten!

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From rejected to accepted

Curly Kale came to Wood Green after being found abandoned. He had badly bowed forelegs, and found it difficult to bear weight on them. It was a curious case, so our Vet Team decided to send out his x-rays to a specialist, while we made him feel at home.

Then the answers came back, confirming what we’d hoped for. This wasn’t a skeletal (bone) problem at all.

With a nutritious diet and exercise to strengthen and develop his leg muscles, there would be no need for surgery. Curly Kale was fostered by a member of staff, then 45 days after first arriving at our centre he walked with confidence into his forever home.


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