Our views on animal welfare

As one of the UK’s leading animal charities, we're often asked to comment on animal welfare issues. All our responses are informed by our day-to-day interactions with pet owners and pets in need.

Our key animal welfare policies are below:

  • Animal care policy

    Our ethical views on the care of all species. All representatives of Wood Green are required to sign up to this policy.

  • Animal accommodation policy

    We promise to provide shelter and care for animals in need, and to find them secure and loving homes. We will provide advice, support and guidance for pet owners. We also set maximum numbers of animals we can handle in centres.

  • Animal euthanasia policy

    Only animals suffering an unacceptable quality of life will be euthanised. We won’t knowingly put the public or other animals at risk by rehoming potentially dangerous animals. We will make timely decisions to minimise physical or emotional suffering.

  • Animal intake policy

    We’ll provide an efficient and sensitive intake process that prioritises the animals’ welfare. 

  • Animal neutering policy

    When appropriate, we will neuter all animals brought into our care. We also educate owners on the benefits of neutering to reduce the numbers of unwanted animals and the associated medical and behavioural conditions. We actively promote neutering of other pets, not just those we’ve rehomed.

  • Animal rehoming policy

    We aim to find secure and loving homes as quickly as possible. We offer on-going advice, support and guidance to anyone who is looking to, or has already rehomed an animal.

  • Education and outreach policy

    We aim to increase society’s awareness of their responsibility towards animals. We want to be first in people’s minds for promoting responsible pet ownership and exemplary animal welfare in the UK and further afield.

    We will deliver education that is ‘inclusive for all’. We will educate children, young people and their families to improve the welfare of animals currently living in their homes and neighbourhoods - helping them to enjoy their relationship with pets and to become responsible pet owners in the future.

    We will provide relevant knowledge, skills and preventative veterinary care through our outreach service.

  • Public access to kennels

    Various studies worldwide have shown that a constant stream of strangers viewing dogs is extremely stressful for them, leading to excessive barking, hiding and panting. Therefore in the best interests of their welfare, Wood Green have taken the decision, in line with other leading charities, to limit kennel viewing.

    Anyone looking to rehome a dog from Wood Green is encouraged to visit the Welcome Centre to talk to a member of the team, who will then discuss our matching process and suggest possible pets for adoption.